18 November, 2014

Kate Middleton is like us

Kate Middleton is the daughter in law of a person who was ,"Queen of hearts". She is like us. She enjoys regular things that every one of us enjoy. She also does ordinary, mundane things. See below.

She enjoys clicking pictures .

She does grocery and runs errands.

When there is a loud noise, she does close her ears.

She loves animals.

She does community service.

She enjoys pottery.

She enjoys painting and colors.

She likes to drink.

She goes to rodeo.

She knows how to iron.

She plays hockey.

She wears a matching hoody with her husband.

She can plough and can do gardening.

She does take safety measures.

She gets surprised at a magician's trick.

She likes to smell flowers.

She drinks bottled water.

She goes to a coffee shop.

She can cook and bake.

She goes to watch a movie in a theatre.

She spends time with her in laws.

She also spends time with the grand parents of her husband.

She holds an umbrella when it is raining.

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