27 November, 2014

Last night Karishma Tanna came so close to winning but...

Karishma Tanna has played her cards well so far. She has participated in tasks very competitively, every morning she wakes up and dances the best. She definitely gets the camera focussed on her with her morning dances. She dresses well, fights well, is active, gossips, etc etc.
Last night also she managed to draw all attention and sympathy on to herself with sobbing, howling and crying (which almost seemed so genuine) as she could not meet her mother, who was right next door and just a door separated her from her mother. She was intelligent enough not to let Renee take that limelight from her by taking up the task. Renee had almost agreed, when Karishma told her that it is OK. Till so far she had played her game so well. Had she carried on like that, she would have been a clear winner, by gaining all sympathy votes from all over India, just the way Shilpa Shetty did by sobbing about racism in UK in the house of Big Brother. But then came Karishma's greed for her makeup and she was pacified by getting makeup and almost seemed to forget about her grief of not meeting her mother. In fact, she seemed happy and contended. There she lost all her sympathy votes, both from housemates and from the voters outside.
Oh Karishma! if you had continued to sob and cry and said that you needed nothing else and had magnified your grief, you would have been a clear winner. You came so close.

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