21 November, 2014

OMG! This is what Kim Kardashian feels about her daughter North West posing nude

When Kim Kardashian posed naked for Paper Magazine, she received a flak from many people. Glee Star Naya Rivera commented, "You're somebody's mother".
Kim wanted to pose nude before she got pregnant again. She is now a nude icon but also a mother. Kim was asked in Australia yesterday in a radio interview, how she would feel if her one year old daughter North West chose to pose nude in twenty years. Here is what she answered, "I would support anything she wants to do" She also added, " I don't do anything to promote anyone else doing it- that's not even what I 'm trying to do." The world seems baffled by her nonchalant attitude where even her daughter posing nude, does not seem to affect her.

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  1. hmmm.. Kim is a gorgeous lady :D I am sure her daughter is going to rock too.. Not in context with the title though :P