08 November, 2014

Sun Salutation by Rati

Here is step by step guide to Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar by Rati from IMBB. All twelve steps have been demonstrated. 

1. Stand in a prayer position. Press your palms together.

2. Take the hands up. Bend backwards. Arch our back.

Before proceeding to third step, lengthen your spine and go into a flat back position.

3. Bend forward. Straighten your knees. Head down. Place the hands on the floor.

4. Take one leg back. Your head, back and the back leg should be aligned. Look up in front.

5. Take the other leg back also and land in a plank position. 

6. Bring your chest down. Keep the hips lifted. 

7. Cobra. Lift the chest up. Heels together and naval still on the floor.

8. Inverted V or Downward dog. Push the tail bone up. Heels on the floor. Feel the stretch in calf.

9. Bring right leg forward, in between the hands from where it started.

10. Bring the other leg forward. Try to straighten your knees.

11. Bend backward.

12. Come back to neutral standing position.

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