27 November, 2014

This happens only in India

These hilarious sign boards can only be seen in India.

That is so kinky

Someone is gonna enter you?

Heard of wife swapping. Now it is card swapping.

What? Is that an academy for nymphomaniacs?


Is that take away burger or take away rooms?

Won't that be very painful?

Thankfully they are being brutally honest.

Family is also for sale.

Don't sell those cute teddy bears.

Skut? Frog? Leg hens? Huh!

Yuck! they taste all this?

Oh! now if you do not like your wife or husband, they can be altered. 

What brides?


Mr. Sharma go for it.


Really? What kind of a family?

Rightly said.


Here is a meeting and dating point for goats.

In case you had too many red chillies.


The missing man is wearing lungi with hair. Help to find him.

Do you understand?


Why will they be forced to prostitution?

Women please wear trousers on your head.

He sure does bed her.

Yeh haath mujhe de de Thakur.

You get a child free.



  1. They are all hilarious. You can see these every day out on the streets.