23 November, 2014

What is common between Jennifer Aniston and Rekha

What is common between Jennifer Aniston of Hollywood and Rekha of Bollywood? They are both ageless. They are defying age and getting even better with each passing year.
Jennifer Aniston looks the same (rather better since 1992). See her pictures below. What is her secret?

1992. Before Friends.

1994. he had found her way to the TV screens in US.

1995. She was popular and well known.

1996. She was on magazine covers and had got a leading in films.

1997. She was at the peak of her career.


2004. She was still ruling.

2006. Her career in films was still strong.

Gap of 16 years.

2014. Her current picture. She is flawless as ever.

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  1. Actually....i would always find aniston and sridevi to be quite alike in their appearance and mannerisms. Even googled to find if someone else felt like that too... But glad you made this comparison...