02 December, 2014

Akil Malik gives his reason why he slapped Gauhar

Akil Malik was brought to Borivali court on Monday. He had slapped Gauhar Khan on the sets of India's Raw stars. He had said that he had slapped her to teach her a lesson as she is from a Muslim community and is not supposed to wear short clothes. Here is the video for the whole incidence. Akil, who was self nominated moral police, maintained that he and other youths like him get sexually attracted to girls who wear short clothes and this "damage the brains" of youngsters and instigates them to commit crimes.
Malik claimed he had tried to control himself for three days despite seeing Gauahar wear short clothes but couldn't take it anymore and slapped her in front of 2,500 audience members and 250 bouncers.
He even said that he had tried to make Gauhar "understand" that wearing "short clothes was against her religion. Strangely, on the said day when incidence happened, Gauhar was not even wearing "short" clothesIn his statement to the police, Malik said, "Actresses are the face of society and they should not wear skirts and short clothes as they make youngsters get attracted to them sexually.
These days, boys who are minors are also committing crimes such as rape and molestation and many of them keep obscene photographs of actresses in their pockets. If actresses stop wearing short clothes, crime will decrease and lead to a better society." "Malik came to Mumbai in August from Abu Dhabi, where he was working as a waiter. He was working as a driver in Mumbai and also took up work as a junior artiste on a part-time basis. He dreamt of becoming an actor," said a police official.
It is surprising and even disappointing that in a democratic country like India, such youth exist. Rapes are on the rise and despite so much media and strict actions against the rapists, this man could dare to slap an actress in full view of police and bouncers on the sets. As Gauhar's boyfriend has already expressed, what if the man had a knife or an acid with him? How safe are women in the country?

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  1. Some people have disgusting mentality :( It is never about clothes but about mentality of people.