05 December, 2014

Ali Asgar/ Dadi of comedy nights got injured

Recently Dadi aka Ali Asgar of Comedy nights with Kapil  got injured during the shooting. This happened when DDLJ cast had come on sets to celebrate 1000 weeks of the completion of film. As usual, Ali slipped into Dadi's character and was engaging in fistfight with Kiku Sarda aka Pankhudi. He got so engrossed in his role and hurt his right shoulder.
Kiku adds, "It was when we moved towards Sidhuji's chair that it happened. We don't do asli maar-dhad but as a reaction to something that I did, Ali jumped towards Sidhuji's chair. He jumped so fast that the arm of the sofa chair hit his neck. It was a bad muscle spasm but Ali did not show it. He walked back with me and as we were exiting the stage, he suddenly sat on a chair and I could see he was in shock. We got a glass of water for him and one of the guys who knew a little about physiotherapy helped him. He is fine now."

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