10 December, 2014

Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Delhi. Read review of Townhall

Today I styled it differently with Burberry sandals and different colored leggings.
Pictures shot in Khan Market, Delhi.

This is a very popular restaurant called Townhall in Khan Market. It is doing very well and is forever crowded (which might be the reason for poor service).
My review:
A meal for 1 person, without desserts, without alcohol, is no less than Rs. 1100/- 
I am a vegetarian. Still that is the amount I paid.
Their decor is exactly like old Townhalls- the tables, chairs, glasses (old tea glasses), the water is served from old Aluminium kettle. The yellow shiny paints on the walls, the menu is in a old file- It all reminds you of Townhall.
The service, as I said, is very slow. It takes forever, for your order to come.
The Pomelo salad is excellent. The sushis and dim sums are OK. For this price, you definitely get better sushis. 
Coming to the worst bit. I had a plastic paper in my wild mushroom soup. I showed it to the chef. They apologized, offered to get me another soup (it was so heavy, I could not have had another) and that is about it. 
My review: For this price, you have better places to go to in Delhi.

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