01 December, 2014

Parineeti Chopra decrlares- Aditya Chopra is my mentor not Priyanka

Parineeti Chopra made a statement today, "Adi(Aditya Chopra) is my mentor, not Priyanka(Chopra). I don’t discuss work with her, but I do discuss work with him. He is the one person who has known me from before I entered the industry. He was the one who discovered me. Adi knows what I should sign next. I never sign a film without taking his advice. He takes time out to sit with me and discusses the films that are offered to me. He asks me, ‘Okay, why do you want to do this film?’ He guides me, but he never takes a decision for me.”

Off late Priyanka was promoting her another cousin Mannara a lot. She was tweeting and praising her good work.The media was abuzz with comparison how Priyanka was supporting her more than Parineeti. Despite this Mannara's Zid has not done wonders. It has managed to make only 8.86 crore at the box office in its first week of release.
Media was always speculating about sibling rivalry between Priyanka and Parineeti. Now that Parineeti has made a mark of her own in the industry, is she giving less credit to Priyanka? Time will tell how the two sisters will be in future.

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