07 December, 2014

These guys are experiencing one of the worst moments of their life

She baked a pizza for him lovingly and then this is what she found. 

He could not find his car keys. After looking all over the place, this is where he found them.

They brought a family tub of ice cream. When they came home, this is what they found.

Oops! they parked their car on the wrong spot.

Now how will he open his filing cabinet?

This was their wedding cake.

How will she get her morning cup of coffee?

This was her only escape route.

He is only paying a friendly visit to his neighbors.

That was delicious.

When he opened his box of iPad, happily, this is what he found inside.

Oops! what will she look like when she gets up?

He became a mosquito target.

Oh! who will deal with this?

He ordered extra large pizza. He was so hungry.

What might have happened to the toes?

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