06 January, 2015

Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra Travelogue

Both Alia and Priyanka were spotted at the airport. They were in distinctly different yet similar looks. Both wore jeans, white shirt/T and jackets on top. 

Alia was in black jeans, black jacket and sneakers. She also carried Alexander Wang back pack. 

We are fascinated with her vintage looking suitcase with map on it.

Priyanka looked crisp in top knot, white T and light jacket. She wore distressed jeans. We are not very fond of distressed jeans but there is no denying that she looked good. What also stole our heart, was how she was dutifully accompanying her grandmother. 10/10 to her for that.

Between the two looks, whose look do you like more? Our heart goes more towards Priyanka.

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