21 April, 2015

Reviews about Benidorm Tango festival

Hi everyone,

As you know from my instagram, I am traveling and teaching Tango in Europe. I was in Benidorm festival. Yesterday, I gave a class in Frankfurt and now I am moving to Iceland to give classes there.
There are so many videos and pictures to upload and I am running behind time. Will keep uploading slowly.
First things first. My review about the Benidorm festival.
I have traveled for Tango world over and attended innumerable tango festivals. This festival was very special. Not just because I was teaching in it. I highly recommend Tangueros to attend it.
This festival had warmth, friendliness, passion, positivity and a wonderful feel to it.  Hear the words by the organiser that I have video taped (there was lot of noise behind as people were talking and enjoying dinner. Please excuse that).
It had about 150 participants and in 3 days, we all knew each other like a family.
We felt sad when it ended. I saw people crying and getting emotional. There was so much bonding, laughter, fun that it was incredible. I have had some of my most special moments, unforgettable dances in this festival. People had come from all over Europe to attend it- Germany, Holland, Italy, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and of course Spain. I was the only one from India.
There were 3 hotels booked for all the participants which were walking distance from each other. There were milongas on the beach, excursion to the beautiful nearby towns, classes, meals together and milongas every night. Live band, singer, performances and shows. The songs are still buzzing in my head and the dances which I will never ever forget. The food was good- huge spread of buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did not want the festival to end. No one did. We were not sleeping and we were not tired. Such festivity is rare to be seen. It was very well organised. There was not a thing that went wrong.
My recommendation- I want to do it every year. Next year it is again in April. I was told by people that they saved money all year to do it. (It is not expensive). This is one festival that must experienced.
My rating: 10/10

Yesterday I came to Frankfurt. In the flight I met a very interesting person and I want to share what he said to me. We were in Business class. He worked for a company. He asked me about my work and we started talking about Tango since I was coming back from the wonderful festival with fresh memories.
He said, "Since I work for a company, I travel very often for work and in a business class I meet lot of people and talk to them. I have never ever met a bailarin (dancer) before. Definitely not in business class. I meet only people working for companies. I congratulate you, because you are doing something that you are so passionate about. Our lives are boring. We do not work and enjoy. We work because we have to not because we like to. There is a hierarchy in our work. We have bosses and bosses. But in your work you meet happy people." With fresh memories of the awesome festival and amazing people I had met, I could not agree more. I felt so blessed. I did inspire him also to take tango classes. I hope he does.
Tango makes you a part of most wonderful community all over the world. People are happy, honest, helpful and trustworthy.
Stay tuned in- pictures and videos coming up soon.

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