28 April, 2015

Woman who is awesome leader and follower

Benidorm festival was an enchanting experience. There were many fascinating people and moments. Like this one lady who was amazing leader and follower. She would enter a milonga dressed like a man- suit, stripe shirt, leader's shoes, etc. She would lead much better than many men can- gently, smoothly and firmly. I really enjoyed dancing with her. Then, in between a milonga, she would change her attire and emerge as sexy follower- nice short dress and tango heels and she would be awesome follower on the floor. After some time, she would again be seen dressed as leader. I was super impressed and fascinated. I almost idolised her. I have seen woman leading. I also lead. But her style was very unique. How I wish, I had her body type to wear and carry clothes the way she did. I had many Wow! moments with her. Memories, that I will always cherish.
See her below in both the avatars- leader and follower. She knew both sides of the coin.

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