29 April, 2015

Yoga in Greenland

Greenland was freezing cold. We wore innumerable layers of clothes and the boots that weighed about 7 kgs to walk on the snow. The hand would freeze, the moment I took it out of gloves to click a picture from the camera. As soon as I removed the cap, the head was numb, the nose and ears froze. The natives felt less cold as compared to us. I was told, that the reason was that they ate meat of whale and consumed fish oil. Vegetables and fruits were hard to get there. We lived on bread and some nuts etc that we had taken along with us. The chef also prepared some pasta for us and some boiled potatoes, canned beans, etc. More detailed stories about Greenland will be posted soon. For now, some of my crazy attempts to pose for yoga poses on the snow, wearing all the layers and heavy boots. This is as adventurous as I could get.

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