07 May, 2015

How to fight or break up with dignity

In this world, there would not be a single person who has not experienced a tiff, a fight or may be a break up. We are humans and we are social. We have relations and we have misunderstandings, anger, frustrations, differences of opinions, etc.
Parent and children fight, siblings fight, spouses fight. It is not important how or why you fight or argue. What is important is what happens after you fight, fall apart, break up. How you deal with it- with yourself, with the other person concerned and with public/society.
There are two ways to go about it- in a dignified way and in a non dignified way.

Dignified way- You have fought, fallen apart, broken up, you are not on talking terms- OK. Move on. Respect the good times you had, some good deeds the other person did. Respect yourself and the other person. Just distance yourself and do not look back. Move on. Live peacefully and wish the other person well from the core of your heart.

Non dignified way- Get abusive. Announce to the world. Wash dirty linen in public. Write facebook statuses, forget any good times you ever had or any good deeds the other person ever did. Do not let the other person live in peace, nor live in peace yourself. Seek revenge. Try to harm at every given opportunity. Befriend his/her enemies, friends. Spill venom.

Now go make a choice. Your choices will reflect on your personality more than anything else.

Mind you. The above is applicable, as I wrote, if there has been some good relation ever- friends, parents, siblings, children, spouses, etc. Then you part ways with dignity.
It is not applicable if the concerned person is some random person. e.g a girl is molested/teased/abused on the road by a man. It is not dignified then to keep quite and move on. In that situation, speak up, fight, post a facebook status, take him to court. 

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