24 May, 2015

ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

As I wrote earlier, I loved the small detailing of decor of ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru. It is so true to its name. It gives feeling of garden, greenery, flowers, all through. Have a look. We loved staying there. It is a very pleasant and refreshing experience.

View outside my room

Even the crockery has greenery on it

Floral mug
View outside the room. We can even see the stadium.

Entrance of ITC Gardenia
X ray machine of ITC Gardenia
Entrance of ITC Gardenia
Bathroom wall of ITC Gardenia
Bed. Embroidered with flower.
Carpet with leaves and flowers.
Lobby decor
Wall of the escalator

Table with a butterfly
Elevator door
Elevator wall.
Lobby with a pond and Lotus
Wall paintings. All embroidered.

Our floor- Starwood Preferred guest

Base of the table
Wall with greenery in the lobby

In room decor on wall.

Tiger shaped chair

Entrance of the hotel.

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