15 May, 2015

Mac Dubonnet lipstick review

I experimented with this red Mac lipstick which has undertones of brown in it. It is kind of brick red.
Positives: It wears well. It stains the lips evenly. It is smooth. It stays long. It is not flaky. It is a kind of vintage color. It is creamy. It is not blood red. It is supposedly Gwen Stefani's favourite.
Negatives: Too shiny. It feathers a little. Hence a lip liner is a must. It gives kind of vampire look.
My personal opinion: I am not super fond of it. I might not repurchase it nor would I recommend it. This is certainly not the shade that will give you dewy fresh and young look, like my favourite Cosmo. In fact, it is something that can get you mean comments and reviews. My other gripe with it is that it makes you look older than you are and gives you a look that is too harsh. It certainly is not my favourite. 

KS rating: 2.5/5

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