28 May, 2015

Vivanta by Taj, Coorg- bad service

As you know from my previous post, I am in Vivanta by Taj, Coorg. Yes, it is a beautiful property. Ethereal. But we are super disappointed with the services. In fact, it does not even seem like Taj services. Taj has been known for its services and what we got here is very disappointing. I must add the the senior staff of Taj is extremely nice and courteous. In fact, they are trying to make up for things going wrong. It is because lot of trainee staff who are super careless and have callous attitude. They seem to ruin everything. We have been Taj fans. We love this beautiful property but the trainee staff were a bad patch on this beautiful property.

Few instances I am going to quote here.

1. I was talking to this man on the reception (I wish I knew he was a trainee). I was enquiring about the place and the property. In between, he cut the conversation to take a phone call. I waited patiently but even after finishing his phone, he completely ignored me as if I did not exist and started doing his other work. I was standing right there in front of him.
Well, to make up for this, the front office team head, himself apologised and then took me on a tour to show the property. I will be blogging about it soon.

2. In the morning, I wanted to have my breakfast at the beautiful deck area overlooking the greenery, pool and mountains. I requested the lady (again the trainee staff) not once but thrice to lay the table there. It was a breakfast time. She conveniently ignored and this is what the view was on the deck.

3. There were fresh fruits at the breakfast. I asked the trainee staff to get me cut mangos. He declined. Wow!

4. I asked fruits to be kept in my room. In any Taj property, they keep whole hamper of fruits if asked for. Not here.

5. The cars do not go inside the property. You need to request for buggies. Twice, I called for buggies and the request was conveniently ignored.

6. I requested for bottled water. For a long time, I did not get it and after waiting for long, this jug was brought to me.

Taj really needs to pull up its standards. If not, there are other nicer properties in Coorg to try, like Orange County, etc. Vivanta by Taj, is very expensive property. If they do not give the right services after charging so much,.....

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