06 June, 2015

Children from heaven

A mother has carried a child within her body
slept with them on her chest
woken up for them the whole night
kissed the little toes and wiped the tears
she has been vomited on, peed on, spent sleepless nights cradling her child.
Then the children grow up and move on.
They slam the door on her, shout on her, scream on her, abuse her and hit her.
She is lonely but still has a void to fill.
Her motherly feelings exist.
What better way than to spend some time with kids.
A friend of mine introduced me to these kids whom we are teaching.
It is a wonderful organisation called Project Why. 
They do wonderful work of teaching children. I appeal all of you to support this organisation.

Disclaimer: The above story is not mine but my friend's.

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