17 June, 2015

Drawing with children

Today, the children from Project Why, had a drawing day. They were given the topic, my vacation and they were busy drawing and colouring. These days they have summer vacations from their schools. They draw and colour pretty well and are very imaginative and expressive.
Their parents are labour class. They work as house help, as cleaners on the road or rag pickers. They go to school and come to Project Why, after school to do their homework, rest, read, learn. They are provided food also there and made to study, learn things. Some of them get sponsored to study in a boarding school. But not all of them are fortunate enough. You can also sponsor a child to study in a boarding school and you can constantly see their progress. 

Tina is the youngest, tiniest and cutest girl there. Her mother stitches suits for her out of left over fabric from her own suit. She looks adorable dressed in these suits. She is very well behaved girl and a keen learner.

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