04 July, 2015

#1 hotel in world, Gilli Lankan Fushi, Maldives

Yohoo!! It is a family vacation time. We are together at Gilli Lankan Fushi in Maldives. It is supposed to be #1 hotel in the world. Its rule is No news, No shoes. The place is very eco friendly. They have bamboo bikes to ride on. We have our own Mr. Friday who takes care of anything we need. We were greeted with champagne, ice tea and fruits. We landed today. We took a flight from Kochi today morning. It is 1.30 hours flight from Kochi. 
Today we spent the whole day, swimming in front of of our villa, biking and exploring the place.

What I wore: 
Skirt: Shivan & Narresh
Top: Gift from sister from US.
Both the top and the skirt are swim wear.

Check my villa here

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