20 July, 2015

Fascial Yoga exercises explained by Personal fitness trainer of Delhi

There are many Botox addicted women or the ones who undergo knife, to have a wrinkle free face. They try all anti aging, miracle claiming creams and products. But do you know that facial Yoga can give you the look that not even plastic surgery can. Facial Yoga can help you to relax the face muscles and tone them. Your face looks smooth and wrinkle free. It prevents the muscles from sagging. But let me forewarn you, if you do these exercises wrong, you get wrinkles instead have toned muscles because repetitive wrong movements make your skin more elastic and create creases. It is like ironing a cloth. The same iron can ease out the creases but if you iron wrong, it can also create the creases. Hence, try to do facial yoga under the expert guidance.
Facial yoga can iron those tension lines around eyebrows, forehead, next to lips, jaw and give you a natural facelift.
Our facial muscles cannot lift weights unlike the rest of our body. Hence, facial yoga is the best option. It completely changes the face structure. It is super helpful in getting rid of the double chin, getting high cheek bones, defined jaw line, etc. Some of my clients even told me that they got dimples, which they did not have earlier, after doing facial yoga.
The face definitely looks brighter and younger. I had posted a video on YouTube demonstrating facial exercises. Till date I have got thousands of comments on it from world over of people telling me how they avoided plastic surgery through these exercises, how they have defined jaw line, how they have dimples. People send me their before and after pictures to show me the change. That is how effective these exercises are.
Everyone craves for slim face and defined cheekbones like Angelina Jolie and our very own Kareena Kapoor. People spend a lot of time and money on make up to contour the face.
         Here is description of my one very popular facial exercise in steps.

Step 1. Open your mouth big. Open it as big as you possibly can.

 Step 2. With the mouth still open, tilt you head backwards. Look up.

Step 3. Now close your lower jaw towards the upper jaw. Feel the neck muscles stretching. Keep it there and hold for few seconds, feeling the stretch.

Step 4. Now bring the closed mouth, back to it normal position, looking in front.

Start again. Do this 20 times in the morning and 20 times at night. You will notice a change in your face structure within 1 month. Take a selfie before starting this and after 1 month and you will notice a considerable difference.
 It takes less than 2 minutes to do this. You can even quickly do it in your bathroom. Such a simple exercise is super effective.

Try our facial yoga and do leave your feedback and tell us the change you see and about the compliments and attention you receive.

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