15 July, 2015

Gilli Lankan Fushi, Maldives- #1 hotel in the world

As I have been writing, Gilli is #1 hotel in the world. The resort is very Eco friendly. Everything was made from recycled material. Being there, felt really like being in the lap of nature. Nothing artificial. Everything was natural. Yet, very modern and classic.I have clicked some pictures for you to have a look.

Wooden floor. Lamp shade of hand made paper. Basic wooden table.

Small kitchenette with hot plate, mini bar, fridge, etc.

This was their bowl. It came with wooden spoon.

TV cabinet. The rooms also had ipod, ipad and Bose speakers.

Every morning, we enjoyed fresh cut fruits.

Seating in the bedroom.

Bath tub overlooking the ocean.

Freshly made salad.

No plastic bottles. These were glass bottles, in which they filled water. 

Outside the villa.

One palm island. See more pics here.

I loved the open shower. It was open on top of the ocean. Open, yet covered.

Check the books.

Stuffed toy kept in every villa.

We had veg sushi every day.

Glass floor in the middle of living room. One could see the water/ocean/fishes below.

My TV cabinet.

Thats me.

Something I liked- They did not give disposable, plastic, small tubes of soaps, shampoos, etc. They gave these ceramic bottles in which they filled soap, hand wash, aloe vera gel, sunscreen, after sun soap, after sun shampoo, after sun conditioner, insect repellent, normal shampoo, etc. We took these bottles to bath tub and found that they floated in water. Very cool way of avoiding wastage.

Steel basin.

They even provided beach bag.

Our bed with mosquito nets. If we needed the bed sheet to be changed, all we had to do was keep the starfish on the bed.


Box/kit with sewing kit, cotton buds, tape, band aid, etc.

Towel rack


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