29 July, 2015

Lonely vs alone- part 2

Sometimes back, I had written a post- Lonely vs alone. Do read it. I have lots of friends and I am equally happy, contended, comfortable and confidant in my own company. It fact, it baffles me why people are not confident all by themselves and have to have a partner/friend for doing anything and everything. There are lots of things I do alone very happily and gladly. I go and watch movie alone. I can go and sit in a restaurant/coffee shop alone, all by myself (actually with my kindle).
Recently, when I took a Segway tour alone, early in the morning, the instructor was surprised and asked me, "You have come alone?" I said, "Yes". Then I asked him, "Do we ride this alone or two people together ride this?" Obviously, he said, it was to be done alone. Then I said, Oh! I thought maybe two people together were supposed to make a Titanic pose on it. He understood what I meant and said nothing further.
My point is, many people I know, find it surprising when they hear that I go and watch a movie alone. When you go for a movie, why do you need another person? Because everyone watches the movie all by themselves. They do not chit chat during the movie. So where is the NEED for another person. Yes, if you have a good company, it is great, but if you do not, for some reason, why can't you watch it alone? So many times, because of my work schedule, I want to see a movie, at my time and my day, according to my convenience, in a theatre of my choice. The best option is to catch it and enjoy it alone.
Why are people shy and embarrassed to do things alone? Why do they feel that being alone makes them look like a loser and being in big crowd makes them look happy, hip and happening?
Being alone, makes you look self reliant and in control, of yourself and of the world. Do not use others as a means to escape your loneliness.
Give me a lap top, kindle, internet and maybe mobile, then, I can be happy alone even in a jungle.
Many people fear being alone. They feel, they will appear to be "mad" if they are seen alone. They keep waiting for others to accompany them to where they want to go. That never happens, and you just miss out on opportunities and life and time.
Clock is ticking. Embark this journey alone. Enjoy your own company. Rediscover, restore and reconnect with yourself and enjoy yourself. Go for nature walk alone. Take up activities- Yoga, meditation, biking, dancing, writing, reading, teaching, helping, knitting, sewing, sports, tennis, swimming, etc etc.
There is a difference in being lonely and being alone. I am alone but never lonely. People are in big groups and yet lonely.
If you feel lonely, you tend to be depressed. Start enjoying your own company and you will always be happy. Solitude is the expression of the glory of being alone. To stand still, to focus, you need the "me time". It is your path and your road. Others may walk with you for sometime but they cannot walk for you. 

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