27 July, 2015

14 reasons why Massis/Aunts have special bonding with nieces and nephews

Aunty, known in India as Massi or in other countries as Godmother is very special.
Ma si, translated in Hindi means, “like a mother”. Aunts are not mothers and not friends. They are amalgamation of the two. They provide qual(aun)ty time and cute childhood experiences. They are confid(aunt) of their nephew and niece.
They are always benevol(aunts).

Here are few reasons why there is such a strong bonding of aunts with her nephew and niece:
1.           She has held the newborn in her arms when her mother is super exhausted after the labor.
2.         She generally have special nicknames for the little ones.
3.         She hears the little one scream, “massi lets go faster” or “massi this is our adventure” or “massi this is secret”.
4.         When massi and her nephew/niece meet, they run to hug her and kiss her. They want to show her their treasures and tell their stories.
5.         They make silly games and tease each other like little kids.
6.         Massi can give a bath to the little one and wrap them in a towel and get them ready.
7.          If little ones get hurt, massi can hug them and snuggle them into her chest and whisper little prayers.
8.         Massi gets to do things with them that she did not get to do in her own childhood. It is more fun doing it with them.
9.         Nieces are fascinated with their massi’s collection of nail paints and lipsticks. And massi can allow them and spoil them in a way their mom cannot.
10.    Massi loves the look on their faces when they open their presents.
11.      Whether the nieces and nephews live near or far, they always remain special and close to heart.
12.     She saves her precious dress or jewellery for your niece so that when she grows up, she uses it and appreciates it.
13.     She receives a special drawing from  nephew/niece, who put full heart into it and gave her the most special gift that she cherish and treasure always.
14.     She spoils them with sweets, candies, ice cream and goodies that their mom does not allow them. She gets a look of disapproval from their mom and wink from the kids. Awesome!

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