01 August, 2015

5 ways to ease breast pain after workout

The bigger your cup size, the more you are likely to experience breast pain, post workout. Studies show that one in every three women, experiences breast pain post workout, especially after running or doing vigorous workout. This number is directly proportional to the size of the boob. The bigger the size, the more likely a woman is likely to experience this pain post workout.

Here are few tips to avoid this pain

1.          Wear the right sports bra during your workout. Even during the day, have the bra that gives you right support. Even while running errands during the day, there is a lot of movement and you should wear appropriate bra.
2.           Pointers for choosing the bra:
It should be snug,
It should have right cup size.
The underwire should give right support and not be digging in your skin.
Straps should not be too tight.
3.          Diet: Do not consume excessive fats or caffeine. This too is related with breast pain. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables. They have good fiber and are anti-inflammatory. Limit your intake of processed food.
4.          Continue to exercise: Exercise that seems to give you pain, will actually help you to reduce the pain. Slowly, your muscles with get stronger and more toned and the pain will no more be there.
5.          If you get pain during or before your periods, a pain reliever can be of help. Also consuming foods high in Vitamin C, i.e citrus fruits like oranges will be helpful.

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