29 August, 2015

Aerial Yoga classes in Delhi

Much like swimming, aerial yoga is a no impact activity that lets you move your body in completely unique ways without creating any joint impact. You can even perform cardio exercises to increase your heart rate without any impact and from a new direction, which automatically boosts your workout.
As you hang upside down, you don’t have much choice but to pay attention to your body’s spinal alignment. You are more likely to quickly correct any problems while hanging upside down. Additionally, your body simply tends to fall into a naturally comfortable and aligned position when suspended upside down.
Since aerial yoga is completely new to you, you have to pay close attention to each movement, which means you are sharpening your focus while you practice this type of yoga. Perhaps this intense focus will even make this yoga more of a meditative practice for you since the whole practice is about maintaining your well-being on multiple levels.
Along with a nutritious and balanced diet, monitoring calorie intake, this type of yoga can help you with your weight loss efforts. While the cardio caloric burn is not huge with this practice, the strength work involved helps you build muscle and tone, which does help you burn a smaller and steadier stream of calories throughout the course of a day.
Rev up your endorphins with aerial yoga. Inversions have a way of boosting the mood anyway, so add the ability to move like a trapeze artist and succumb to some old-fashioned whimsy, and you will likely experience an endorphin bonus. 

Inverted postures are very helpful to strengthen and balance the spine and the core. Instead of shying them away, do attempt them. 


  1. Hey, where can we take this class? Any suggestions would help!


  2. Hi Ankita. I train for aerial silk. Here are more details
    Here are the charges mentioned