18 August, 2015

Appearances are often deceptive

How are all my readers doing?
How am I doing? Honestly, I am not what I look in these pictures. When you would see these, you might think, I am all dolled up all the time. I have no other work but to sit, dress up, etc. On the contrary, I am slogging a lot these days- running errands, working out, indulging in so many activities as you saw from my blog posts- biking, learning cueca, doing yoga, zumba, learning graffiti, spending hours in studio, reading books and getting many things serviced and repaired. Everything seems to need repair and service around me (including me).
So pictures are always deceptive. Appearances are often deceptive.
Somewhere between honest truth and deceptive lie is the deceptive truth and honest lie.

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