24 August, 2015

ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon

It is my Birthday and I am celebrating in ITC Bharat. It is such a fantastic property, 1.30 hours from Delhi. It is majestic and the stay here has been wonderful. The whole staff greeted me with "Happy Birthday" greetings and there was a cake in my room when we arrived. The service is excellent. The staff is super courteous and exceptional.

If you are not on my facebook, let me update here.
Yesterday morning, I was on a Bike. I will not add too many descriptions here. But I had a bad accident around 7 am. I somersaulted and fell. 2 of my front teeth broke and I had minor scratches and bruises. I was saved. No bones broken. It could have been life threatening cos my helmet cracked and my gloves tore off and my watch was shattered in pieces. But I was saved. 
I called a friend/dentist who gave me emergency treatment at 8. On Sunday, early morning, she opened the clinic for me and fixed my teeth to make me look presentable. I was reeling under shock. My phone is switched off now. My phone made the last call to the Dr. (thankfully).
Well at 10 I was in my graffiti class. Learnt Graffiti from 10 am-2pm. I wanted to come out of shock. The lip was swollen.
Then my husband came with fantastic lunch and we had it together. I could not eat much. 
From 4.30- 8 pm was Tango. And it was fantastic. Very healing. See our milonga pics here.
The tango community celebrated my Birthday in the class. My students got the cake for me. My super special tangueras were so concerned for me. I love all my students and all leaders I danced with.
I am fine and feeling fabulous.
Teeth will be fixed in 2-3 days. Cosmetically they look OK as of now. They are numb.
Today I reached ITC Bharat.
I am without phone but I am absolutely fine and super happy after yesterday's milonga. 
You can only reach me through email and facebook.

I am filled with positivity. Everyone's love and good wishes are with me. Their positive vibes are reaching me. I feel blessed. I am absolutely fine. My teeth will be fixed soon. Cosmetically, they have been repaired already. The lip swelling is there and I am covering it with makeup and bruises are hidden under clothes. Its like having second birth. God protected me and I am celebrating.

Enjoy the pics of the majestic property. I will post my pics soon. 

The hotel kept this cake in our room on our arrival.

Our room.

This is the pool outside our room. Our private pool.



  1. My dear - I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday but got such a shock when I read your post. You're so brave. Glad to know you're doing fine despite the accident. Hope you're not in too much pain. And happy happy nonetheless. Lots of love,

  2. happy birthday ve a g8 lyf ahead.....njy ur day.

  3. Sorry to hear this.Hope u get back to your brilliant self. I am a serious silent reader of your blog. May you be blessed with the best always.Happy Birthday

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone.
    @Kalpanaa M stay in touch
    @Bhumika Nangia. Thank you for your wishes
    @Sarigama Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Appreciate.
    Come more often.