10 August, 2015

Lunch at Socials in Hauz Khas Village

Socials, is in Hauz Khas Village. It is a lovely location facing the lake. Socials is a fantastic place to socialise with friends. The food is reasonable. The decor is quite innovative and basic. What is eye catching is the way food is served. The pans are the ones, which are seen in jails- aluminium pans. The LIT was served in a long (very long) beaker. It is a relaxed and chilled out place. Airy and breezy. Their terrace is also supposedly very nice. They do not take reservations and are always crowded. You must try this place.

I consciously avoid going to Hauz Khas village. Because whenever, I go there, the shopaholic in me emerges and I end up splurging on clothes from my favourite Ogaan there. Today was no exception. I kept fighting the urge to enter Ogaan. Then I convinced myself- I will go and just see and not buy. Then I told myself, I will just try few pieces and not buy. Finally, I came out with bags and bags. 
The new collection from fashion week is already there and it is a must check/buy. The pieces are gorgeous and quite irresistible.  

Group of happy friends.

See the aluminium pan. My ice tea was served in the glass dish.

Another drink. It looked like a pot of mud with a fresh green leaf. Actually it is cream, with chocolate and some leaf on top.

I wore a Maxi from Elle. Previously worn here, here and here.

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