02 September, 2015

How the world does vs. how I do

What world does/ enjoys                                             What I do/ enjoy

1. Late night party. Clubbing.                              1. Early morning training 
2. Drinking in a party                                           2. Dancing in a party. Tango/milonga my first choice
3. Tea/ Coffee                                                       3. Coconut water/ buttermilk
4. Excuse for coming late                                     4. No excuses. Have to be on time always
5. Heavy makeup                                                  5. Less/natural makeup. 
6. Pictures in a party with a wine glass                 6. Pictures of workout, activities, travel, etc
7. Sleeping till late on weekend                            7. Getting up early for workouts
8. Making superficial friends with no bonding     8. Making few friends with good bonding
9. Wearing risqué outfits                                 9. Wearing something stylish, fashionable yet not risqué
10. Caring more about what others do/think        10. Just doing what makes me happy
11. Rat race, copying, poaching, insecurities       11. Individualism, integrity, confidence, belief
12. Accept abuse from close relations                  12. Zero tolerance for any abuse from anyone
13. Keep silent and be politically correct              13. Voice out the opinion loud and clear
14. TV, Newspaper, books                                     14. Internet, lap top, kindle
15. Religion and rituals                                          15. Spiritual and meditation
16. Grow old with age, have ailments                    16. Get fitter with age
17. Drinking, smoking, substance abuse                17. Healthy vegetarian food

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