21 September, 2015

I am

Today I saw a beautiful flower-hidden quite far amongst some stones. It said, "My job is to blossom and look pretty". It does not bother me whether you notice me or not. I do not care. If you are lucky, you will come to me and notice me. If not, it does not matter to me.
When the sun rises, it spreads its light. No matter whether you want it or not, you are not untouched by the sunshine. Sun does not have to do any extra effort to come to you.
We all must just continue to do our own work, without thinking about the results, without any fears, without any expectations. Actions should never be driven by guilt, fears and expectations.
We must find peace, happiness and contentment in our own lives. If you are constantly looking into other's lives, you will get nothing but disappointment, depression and anxiety.
Just do what you enjoy doing, the way you like to do. Stay away from negativity. Do good deeds (karma) and the rest will follow. 

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