17 September, 2015

Spinning class review

My friends swear by spinning classes. They find it very effective and they coaxed me to try one. So I took one spinning class today- probably the last one ever too.
It was boring and non effective. I did not sweat even a drop, despite increasing the resistance to maximum. No complaints about the instructor, ambience, music, etc. 
It just did not do anything for me.
Pros of spinning: safe, indoor, in an air conditioned environment, group activity, good music, no chances of injuries as compared to outdoor biking, no sun tanning like outdoor biking.
Yet, for me, what outdoor biking does, spinning does not do it. Outdoor biking is more risky, can cause accidents and injuries, tans me,  yet it is enjoyable and effective. 
Isn't it strange, spinning has all the pros as compared to outdoor biking. Yet, spinning is so not for me and outdoor biking thrills me, despite all its flaws. 

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