07 September, 2015

Workout plan.

Off late, I have been posting a lot of my workout pictures. Whatever pictures I post, readers think, I do ONLY that- only tango, only shopping, only partying, only travel, etc. But there are 24 hours in a day and I do many things.

Some readers asked me in emails to post my workout plan/schedules. So here it is.

Twice a week- train for half marathon- run (Have started doing that recently).- 2-3 hours each time.  Earlier I used to walk. I will be doing marathon after 4 years.
Once a week- Cycling- 2- 3 hours.
Once a week- Yoga- 1.30 hour
Once a week- Zumba- 1 hour
Once a week- Either of TRX/battle ropes/aerial silk/strength training- 50 minutes
One day rest.

Everyday, without fail, do meditation, practice tango technique.
Train clients for 5 days in a week (fitness)
Teach tango 2 days in a week.
Once or twice a week- milonga.
Meet different friends for lunch 4-5 times a week.
Blog almost everyday.
Read everyday.
I do wish I had more time to paint, do some crafts, etc.

Where all do I save time
I work from home 90%. So travel time is saved.
I rarely watch TV. Less than half an hour a day.
I do not read newspapers. (I read news online).
I do not cook. (sheepish grin)
My children are grown up. So I do not have to look after them.
I watch 1 or maximum 2 movies in a month.

Things that are strict no no.
No tea, coffee, alcohol, non vegetarian, substance abuse.

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