22 October, 2015

Ultimate runners stretch routine

Here is runner's guide to stretching.
Stretching is important. It reduces the post exercise fatigue, muscle soreness and chances of injuries. The tightened muscles are relaxed. It accelerates your development of competence. 
When you run, the whole idea is not to beat the other runners but to beat that little voice inside you that asks you to quit.

Calf stretch. Standing on a raised step, drop one foot down. 

Quadricep stretch. Bend and fold one leg. Touch the heel to the hip.

Hamstring stretch. You can place one leg straight in front of you and flex the foot toward yourself. Bend slightly forward.

You may place the leg up higher for increased hamstring stretch.

Or you can sit and stretch the hamstring

Bend forward to stretch the lower back.

Touch your toes and try to keep the knees straight. It is a good stretch for hamstrings and lower back.

Hip flexor stretch

Adductor (inner thigh) stretch

Spinal twist

Try to finish the workout with planks or one hand plank

Relax and enjoy the breeze

Good morning stretch

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