16 October, 2016

7 Degrees Brauhaus: Restaurant review

This is the coolest possible place for German food lovers and for beer lovers. It has a Beer garden feel, wood work, chestnut tree, etc that beautifies their interiors. It is very different from what we normally see in Delhi NCR.
They have Rs.8 crore worth Caspari brewery installation plant. Not china. It is originally from Germany.

Their beer is the best one that you can get in town straight from German brewery. In the end of September, in Munich, in Germany, there is Oktoberfest. It is a 17 days festival which just got over recently in this restaurant. In the evening, the feel of this place is completely different. During lunch hours, they have an awesome buffet till 4 pm and they do have many vegetarian options in that.
The sausages you get here, you will never get to taste any where else. This restaurant is known for it- its Pork knuckle, pretzels, etc. They have original pork sausages. When it comes to beer, they have the best one. Germans prefer strong beer. Their palate is very mild and they eat food that is less spicy. They have flour based items, lot of meat-veal, beef, pork, etc.

Here we were served many varieties of beer. They were:

7 degree special – 100 percent pilsner beer IBU (inter bitterness unit) – 22%
Lager- ibu is 24 % - 
Caramunic molt-Wheat-50% wheat malt 50% 
Carahill- ibu is 22%
Master dark- some chocolate malt- 50%- 50 % wheat malt- ibu 24%- more bitter- more dark in colour. More alcohol – can be enjoyed with desserts and red meat.
In every beer there is 4.5 alcohol but in dark it is 6- 6.5

Lighter ones can be enjoyed with sea food.
They have their own Fermentation and manufacturing, plant for beer. They have brew masters in house. Brewing is done in house. They introduce new concepts. They are very original and authentic German.

Chef Sumit, whom we met was extremely courteous to educate us about the whole concept. It is a rare cuisine. Actually it is Bavarian cuisine.

We were also shown the malts that they use. They have their own maturation tank, Fermentation tank, storage tanks and boiling tanks. They have Whirpool tank for separation of green beer and spent grains. After boiling, it is transferred in fermentation tank, yeast is added in it. Then maturation to settle down the yeast. Then storage. It is 28 days process from milling to tapping.

The food is delicious. I would highly recommend you to taste the food here and enjoy some beer.

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