07 November, 2016

Bun Intended: Review

Bun Intended is a home delivery fast food joint close to my home. We ordered food from here. What we ordered were The tree hugger burger, Veggie burger, falafel wrap, spring salad, peanut butter nutella milk shake, flaky oreo shake and carrot cake o clock.
The packing came impeccable. Very neat boxes, no frills, simple and straight. They were sent duly packed in a warm case and delivered well on time. I am truly impressed with the packing- basic, simple and neat. No extra printed colours. 
Coming to food- the burgers were succulent. The fries were heavenly. The portion sizes were huge and the prices just right. My top favourite was the salad. It had raisins, Bocconcini and blue cheese, green apple, grapes and came with strawberry wine vinaigrette. The milk shakes were thick and delicious. Even the falafel wrap was yum. 
Overall, it was an awesome experience of ordering from Bun Intended. 
It is newly opened joint and already it has won my heart. I am certainly going to be there regular customer and would ordering again soon. Highly recommend you to try it.

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