10 November, 2016

Pluck, Pullman Aerocity Hotel: Restaurant review

Pluck is all about farm to table. Pullman hotel is the first one in Delhi NCR to do it. They have their own organic, no chemical farm and healthy far, that caters only to Pluck. Chef Ajay Anand puts all seasonal vegetables.  He joined this hotel 2 years back. He has worked in US for 13 years and couple of years France with Georges Blanc, Michelin Chef, where there was the same concept. Chef got special sand from Nainital. He matured it for 3-4 months and then started putting the seeds. 
Even for the food waste, they have a big compost machine. After maturing for 48 hours, it is used in garden. At 6 am Chefs go and pluck their own fresh herbs. They pluck what is required and do not waste anything. They grow seasonal vegetables and have seasonal menu. The winter menu is till mid of December. In Pluck, they serve Modern Indian and European cuisine. 
For breakfast, there is a buffet and then À la carte for lunch and dinner. It is a French company. They have a lot of expat clients. But they also cater to Indian taste buds.

This hotel has the biggest banquet hall. Their other restaurants are:

Food exchange- multi cuisine restaurant
Speciality restaurant Honk- Asian street food in very fine dine & unique concept of pre plated.

We had many courses served to us. We chose to have European cuisine and it is finest ever dining experience I ever had. 
See below the dishes we had. It was truly heavenly, magical and epic experience. I am in love with this place. It is my new favourite in town and tops my list for fine dining. It is truly luxurious. Highly highly recommending it.

Chef Ajay Anand 

In house herb garden that is completely organic.

We started with  
Pickle apples, nutmeg cream and toasted sunflower seeds.

The breads were served with 2 kinds of butters- green parsley and beetroot. Have you ever seen butter like this? For me it was new and it was delicious.

Then we had sweet potato & feta basket. With mint oil powder. As we opened it, there was tamarind chutney (see in the test tube). On the side was spicier powder with good flavour of mint.

Next was Pluck style golgappa served with caviar made up of golgappa water. Saunth chutney- caramelised sugar.  It was a gastric addition to normal golgappa.

For soups we chose
Tomato and coriander consume. It was clear tomato and coriander soup.
Parmessan and burnt garlic veloute– burnt garlic puree, oat meal streusle, leak oil and rolled over melba dusted over parsley. It had Parmesan Cheese cream and white wine.

For drinks we had
Tropical affair- apple, pineapple, cranberry, mint, ginger- cooler- It was made of natural fruits and was very refreshing. 
Shanghai bel- fresh bell pepper, lemongrass and galangal and fresh basil.

We were next served garden green salad- asparagus, broccoli, olive oil powder (part of molecular gastronomy).
It was a regular mixed leaf salad with twist of raspberry vinaigrette home cured tomatoes, kalamata olives, orange peel, parmesan shavings. 
Mushroom and spinach salad with blue cheese aioli.
Its base was all wild mushrooms.

Then came Neembu paani turned into sorbet as palate cleanser. It was such a delight to taste neebu paani in this form and shape.

For mains we had
Quinoa broccoli cake with some tagailla of zucchini, baby bok choy and citrus cream.
Mezzo marinated salmon on the bed of asparagus, olive and maple leather and yuzu soya emulsion.

For desserts we had
Caramel cooked anjou peers. With home churned vanilla ice cream and beaten biscuits. It is an American recipe- sharp in flavour
Goat cheese and rasmalai parfait with candy beetroot, boondi straddle and raspberry sorbet on side. It is their take two on modern Indian.


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