06 February, 2017

Involved Parents and Teachers Are the Key to a Child’s Success

Paul George Global School is an amalgamation of competent teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an experienced and efficient administration. The school is very innovative in its approach to educate young minds. In my previous post, I described Paul George Global School in Alaknanda and shared a detailed description about the infrastructure of the school.  

To gain deeper insight into the functioning, I visited the school and spoke to the Principal, Ms. Geeta Karunakaran, at length. The inputs she gave me were an eye-opener. I do not think any other school is adopting such an in-depth approach to connect with their students and their parents. They have undertaken path-breaking initiatives where teachers visit the students’ home for better understanding between teachers, parents, and students. These home visits really emphasize on connecting minds of all three so that children are taught in a similar manner at home and in school. Teachers visit each student’s home every six months so they can better understand the child and his environment. Teachers share their teaching methods with the parents, so that they are better equipped to handle the child.   There are many other aspects that the teachers and parents discuss and share thoughts on such as the teaching methods to learn writing, new languages, or hygiene.

Every month, a parent is invited to teach a session or participate- it could be telling a story, enacting a learning narrative, making chocolate shake or salad for Diwali. There is 1-hour interactive workshop for parents of each class every month. Parent involvement is key and the program has even won the school accolades.
The school lays a lot of importance on building strong child-teacher relationship. They teach very scientifically, methodically and have researched thoroughly on their ways of teaching. For example, children start writing initially with chalk and slate, then crayon, then bamboo stick on sand pit, tracing on sandpaper, and finally pencil. This is to perfect their motor skills.  They do not do what others do. They do what a child needs to do at his age. They believe that they do not have to subject their children to certain tasks just because others can do it. It was endearing to see how comfortable children were. They came and hugged the Principal; few others gave her a high five.
 Kids are taught the importance of environment and are made conscious of their surroundings. The school organizes visits to plant nurseries. Through street plays, they teach them importance of water conservation. Kids are sensitized by getting them involved with senior citizens, NGOs and a blind school, which are part of regular visits in their calendar. Sometimes the children from the blind school are involved in and participate in the school assembly.
There is a special passion time i.e. time from 2.30-3.30 pm for 1 activity- art or sport. It can range between tennis, swimming, computer, guitar etc. There are sports coaches that teach swimming, basketball, football, etc. Initially they get feel of all activities. Later the child chooses one activity that he /she does for 5 days for 1 hour.
 There is so much more to talk about the school. I am excited to share a lot more information with you in my next post and let you know about the vision of the school, how to get admission here, the values of the school and much more. So, stay tuned.
Click on the link to know more about Paul George Global School - 
https://goo.gl/TeWCMp Call them on their Toll Free Number- 1800 212 3340
You can also sign up for a School tour.

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