02 October, 2017

Handloom sarees of India

My son said something very insightful and meaningful to me. He said, "change is the only constant". So true. There is nothing scarier than being stagnant. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them. That only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let the things flow. We desire for a lot of things. It started from toys at uncles place, chocolate in that grocery store, crying for your favourite doll on birthday, that gear cycle your neighbour ride to school, those Jimmy Choo handbags and a big birthday bash to every friend in town.

What is important today may not hold the same place tomorrow. Nothing is constant in life, not even that heart beating inside you. It also beats with a rhythm.
Believe in the fact that whatever happens in your life is always for a reason- be it good or bad. It will always make you a better individual- you will either have a lesson to learn or a memory to share.
And what is LIFE without CHANGE? Without change, life will be stagnant. It will become dull and sluggish. Imagine if everything was same, man would still have been an Ape, living in jungles. Theory of Evolution is the biggest example of change for good.
Let your life take a natural turn. Be spontaneous. Be alive. Be fun. Be the magic you want in your life. Be the change you want to see in the world. Accept the fact that things will not always be the way you want them to be. There will always be things beyond your control.
“Smile, breathe and go with the flow.”
Accept the change with a smile. Be Brave. Be smart. Be passionate. Be like a river that flows forward despite all hardships. Set yourself free like a bird in the sky.
If you change nothing, nothing will change.
Life is fun when it's chaotic and weird. It is the change that brings us happiness.

There are some who are longing for change. Feeling that everything is stagnant in their lives, they want to change partners, careers, dwellings. And there are some who are scared of change. They feel secure the way they are. There are some who see the change, but don't acknowledge it out of fear. There are some who do not notice the change at all. There are some who do not think there is anything to change. And there are some who realize that everything is changing, yet see there is something that is non-changing. Those who recognize the non-changing amidst the change are the wisest of all.

This blog that was started in 2008 underwent so many changes. It started with fitness, it covered people, Bollywood fashion, food, restaurant reviews, fashion, travel and sarees. Sometimes I wonder how people can focus on just one topic all their lives. I made my blog and my instagram free-flowing. Let them wander and chart their own course because change is the only constant.

Showcasing my cotton saree with a myriad of vibrant colours. I paired it with an indigo blouse, Tibetan necklace and gold bangles. When accessorising, my rule is less is more. I will rarely wear everything together- earring, necklace, bangles, etc. I will try to omit one thing or the other. 

Do check out my Pinterest board of Indian Handloom sarees. If you have more suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment.

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