21 May, 2018

Sambalpuri Saree from Odisha

Recently I met a friend who I consider as Wikipedia of sarees. She is so knowledgeable. You can read about her and see her pictures with me here  She has a gorgeous collection of sarees and is very popular amongst saree aficionados.  For most of us, she is our top favourite. For me, it was connecting with the sweetest person, who is super down to earth, well read and someone I had an instant bonding with. To dedicate, an Odisha saree to her, I wore a Bandha saree from Orissa with Jhoti design. (This knowledge comes from her). It has a village scene on its pallu. See the pictures below to see the details. I hand painted a blouse with it. I got this saree from Odisha emporium in Delhi. 

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