30 July, 2020

Dharamvaram Saree

Dharmavaram Sarees are a representation of India's rich culture. They were originated from Dharamavaram located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The word "Dharam" itself is reflecting the rich ethnicity and so does the Saree. These are handwoven made out of silk with zari. Each Saree of this collection has been treated with extensive needlework making designs out of them. You can zoom in and see for yourself, you'll get to find peacocks, elephants, idols of medieval times and whatnot. For more detailed pictures of each, contact on the number given below.

These Sarees usually have a high price, but we're offering you a really low cost.
So, pick up your phone and order now!

Price: 14,000/-

For more details,
Contact: 919810530027

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