15 August, 2020

8 motif Patan Patola Saree

Today we would like to present before you a very rare saree from our collection. 

Patola-weaving is a closely guarded family tradition and Patan Patola sarees have a very rich history as they were worn by the royal and aristocratic families of India. 

This saree is an 8 motif Patan Patola with double ikat woven beautifully on the body and is an ultimate manifestation of weaving mastery that has been attained over several centuries. 

Double ikat is a technique in which the warp and weft threads are dyed to create a motif, once woven. 

This beautiful saree has a white base which is always more expensive and very rare to find. Making it the perfect saree for a special person like you!

Price: Whatsapp us to know the price.

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8 motif Patan Patola Saree

8 motif Patan Patola Saree

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