23 August, 2020

Classy yet Elegant Silk Saree collection

This saree is just perfect to describe the Indian beauty of a women
Take a look on this really elegant saree, Saree!!! The word itself portrays elegance, beauty and of course the most blessed creation of god “WOMEN”.
Awesome impression and confidence!
Wear your saree suitable for all occasions!! 
What else do we want? 
Yes, light weight is what we want!!
This look will give you a lavishing, richness and royal look for sure!

Why don't you have a look at these amazing sarees!

1)Kora silk gold and silver.

Rs. 12200/-
2) Silver organza with silver zari

3) Chanderi

Rs- 6600/-

These wonderful sarees can be yours! To order, just contact us at:

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