31 August, 2020

Kora Silk Saree

 Do you also think that fashion cost comfort? Well, not anymore. We are launching kora silk, which can never make you uncomfortable but will help you to look Simple and elegant in same time. Plus, if you are a fan of handmade Saree, then Kora Slik Saree will be a perfect choice for you. 

Kora silk is a thin plain weave sheer fabric of silk. The craftsmen weave it from silkworm which consists of thin spun threads. These sarees are comfortable yet fashionable. The lightweight of this saree will also help you to maintain weightlessness to it.  It creates an irresistible aura every woman would wish for.

This elegant saree is in a unique onion pink color with Phulkari Jamdani, which increase it,s grace. This Saree is the perfect defination of Simplicity with High Class and totally worth your money. So keep your fashion worries aside and buy these sophisticated looking Saree now.

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