16 August, 2020

Maheshwari Saree

Are you a fan of Maheshwari sarees? If yes, we have the perfect product for you. 

This Maheshwari saree has an elegant blue base and the Ganga Jamuna border will not only add to your alluring personality but also give a look of richness and simplicity. The expertise and craftsmanship skills of Maheshwari weavers are known to all. This saree is an amazing example of true Maheshwari handloom work. 

If this is not the perfect colour for you, we even have more colours available. Just contact us to know more.

Price: WhatsApp us to know the price.

This wonderful saree can be yours! To order, just contact us at:

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Maheshwari saree

Maheshwari saree

Maheshwari saree