18 August, 2020

The Exquisite Kanjeeveram Sarees by Sohum Sutras

 The beautiful Kanjeeveram sarees (also known as Kanchipuram or Kanjiverum sarees) are traditionally woven silk sarees from the Kanchipuram village in Tamil Nadu, India. 

These sarees have traditionally dominated Southern India for centuries. They are synonymous with every wedding procession, every special ceremony and occasion. They are made from fine mulberry silk which gives off a rich shine and the durability of the fabric has made them popular across the world. 

The entire silk industry of Kanchipuram originated in the 15th century. The famous king of the Chola dynasty, Krishna-deva Raya, took the initiative of silk trade and it was during his reign when the famous weaving communities of Andhra Pradesh, the Devangas and Saligars, who migrated to Kanchipuram and started the silk industry from this city. 

Although this fabric is quite expensive and has a charming look to it, it is inherently a part of several religious and traditional ceremonies. The earlier silk sarees had images of all the scriptures embossed on the walls of the temples of the Kanchipuram village. 

Over the years, the images on the sarees have evolved. 

Sohum Sutras brings you the beautiful collection of Kanjeeveram Silk Sarees that you can feast your eyes upon. 

This gorgeous Pichwai Kanjeeveram Saree has a bright Fuschia colour and has a golden lotus pattern embossed all over which reminds you of the lovely lotuses that bloom in the lakes and ponds and served up as offerings to the deities. This saree costs - 14,900 INR. 

These Kanjeeveram Sarees are done in Paisley and have traditional embroidery embossed in gold. These sarees come in two colours- Royal Purple and Warm hearted Red. These sarees cost - 14,900 INR.

This is the exquisite Vansingaram Kanjeeveram Saree which has peacocks, elephants, cheetahs and birds embossed with gold thread to showcase the majestic side of women. This delightful saree costs- 29,000 INR.

This Royal Blue Kanjeeveram saree has the majestic peacock embossed with gold thread that showcases the true heritage and royalty of this saree. This saree costs- 15,590 INR. 

This gorgeous moss green Kanjeeveram Saree is embroidered with traditional horses to showcase the inner strength of a woman. This exquisite piece costs- 15,590 INR. 

This delightful Kanjeeveram Saree has used Charcoal Grey and Royal Purple to blend it seamlessly with gold embossed peahens and horses which surround you with an air of mystery and delight. This exquisite piece costs- 12,800 INR.

This fiery sunset Kanjeeveram Saree has a blend of passionate red with energetic orange. This piece reminds you of the lovely sunset and the warm feeling that settles in your heart as you watch the sky blend into the beautiful shades of allure and romance. This saree costs- 12,800 INR. 

This bright and delightfully coloured Kanjeeveram Saree blends bright Pink and dark Mauve to perfection with the gold thread peeking from the fabric mischievously. This piece costs- 14,900 INR.

This luxuriously elegant Kanjeeveram Saree blends the Fire Red with Fuschia to enhance the luxury of Black and the playful Gold which would brighten any room. This piece costs- 14,900 INR. 

This Kanjeeveram Saree is unique and one of a kind because this embroidery has been done for the first time in Mulberry Silk. The gorgeous blend of Baby Blue with Elegant Silver and Faded gold, littered with red roses makes this piece shine through any party. This one-of-a-kind piece costs- 16,200 INR. 

This lovely Party pallu Kanjeeveram Saree is a blend of Moss green with Bright Red and Playful Gold which makes it stand out in a room full of people. This exquisite piece has a display of temples on one half which turns into these unique gold dots. This piece costs- 13,900 INR. 

This collection of beautiful Sarees will not only make you feel like a Queen but also enhance your inner beauty and strength. Please do visit our website or reach out to us to buy these gorgeous pieces which makes every woman shine through. 

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