05 September, 2020

Assam Silk Saree and Assamese Mekhele Chador

 It is a fact that the more comfortable within, the more confident you will be outside. So here we are launching Assam silk sarees which surely make your jaw drop.

The Assam silk sarees are the treasure of sheer grace, elegance beauty and craftsmanship. The good thing with Assam silk is, that its colors never fades.

This not just will make you look good but also make you feel comfortable and brisk.This saree is highly traditional and fashionable. You can also see Assamese mekhela chador below.

Buy authentic handloom assam silk sarees online.

To buy this, you can contact us on

Price - 12,500/-

Below is Assamese makhela chador.

Price - 12,500/-

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