10 September, 2020

Chanderi Silk Saree

    Chanderi silk is one of the finest and luxurious silk sarees. Unlike regular chanderis that we find in the market today, with either lot of zari and jaal work, these are simple and smart printed chanderi sarees. The prints replicate hand blocks lending these an additional charm. These are bright and beautiful chanderi sarees.

These sarees were favourite among the queens and princesses of ancient times and are still considered a symbol of royalty. 

Look at the beautiful colour combination of these two sarees. One is adorned by the vermilion red and turmeric yellow colour. And the other one is enriched by white and multicoloured paisley and floral motifs. You can explore them below. This is a perfect buy not just for festivals and occasions but also for your daily fashion.

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       Price - 3300/-

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